Saturday, 24 February 2018

2nd Week
2nd Week Challenges 
Unit 2. Make Learning Meaningful for Students

Reflections on this unit’s challenges in my learning  journal

During this second week full of information, useful and interesting material we have read, tested, learnt, watched, looked at, shared to/with others. Personally, I have realized the importance for students to know what they are going to learn when they are asked for doing something. Teacher should/ must organize his/her ideas for teaching in a proper clear way. Templates can help them in order to clarify ideas, present missions. Teachers often discover that their students are not motivated to complete certain assignments, exercises or homework. These assignments tend to be class book work, memorizing vocabulary, completing worksheets, writing sentences, completing grammar exercises, or answering questions. 
  • How will transforming an activity into a learning mission engage my students?
The reason students do not want to complete these assignments is often because they do not see the purpose or understand how completing the task will help them or others in a meaningful way. We can take the activities that do not engage our students and make them more meaningful by providing a hands-on task with a purpose to meet the intended learning objective of the activity. What we have called A Learning Mission.
Important things to take into account:
Send students on Learning Missions
Integrate Technology Effectively
Make it Fun
Badges earned by students 
My first learning mission in this MOOC 

  • How can digital badges motivate my students? A digital badge is an insignia given through a digital platform ( for example) that is validated by an authority, organization, or person to indicate achievement, skill, level, or qualities. For example, digital badges can be given to students who help others around the school, volunteer, design a high-quality slide presentation, demonstrate leadership, or deliver an outstanding speech. 
        To earn a digital badge, the student must meet the criteria attached to the         
        badge and provide evidence, usually in the form of a link to the completed task. 

My first badge created by me using , then I entered in where I can prepare my students badges, and students can receive and manage their earned badges. Here it is:

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